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This is where you can sign up for membership of our exclusive, sort of, Good Gear Club.

Signing up to the Good Gear Club subscribes you to our free digital bi-monthly Loaded 4X4 magazine which features new 4X4 reviews, heaps of the latest and greatest industry products, travel tales and much more. Did we mention it’s free?

It also signs you up, of course, for membership discounts in our Loaded 4X4 store. Club members get their own shop login that automatically applies a range of club member discounts to many of the products listed for sale. They don’t have to do anything, pay anything, dance a jig or post a daft video on TikTok to claim the discounts, they just appear, like magic.

Signing up for ‘the club’ means that you will from time to time receive emails from us to alert you to the availability of the next issue of our magazine, our upcoming and free, of course, bi-monthly Good Gear magazine and any new product features or shop deals we might be offering. We are respectful global citizens and understand the legislated rights of inboxes around the world, ie Loaded 4X4 doesn’t do spam. 

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