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CSA Alloy Wheels

CSA Alloy Wheels

Mullins Wheels was founded by the Mullins family back in 1905 and is an Adelaide institution. Their CSA Alloy Wheels 4X4 range leads the field when it comes to style, quality and strength and we know this because David has been running CSA alloys on his driver training 4X4s and hire camper trailers for decades. More recently, Steane has been running CSA Hawks on the Loaded 4X4 Project MQ Triton. CSA Alloy Wheels have proven themselves on our vehicles and they’ll do the same on yours. All CSA Alloy Wheels are covered by a three-year warranty. We’re extremely proud to be listing the CSA Alloy Wheels 4X4 range in the Loaded 4X4 store!

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